Marriage vs live in relationship ! What is your opinion?

Marriage vs live in relationship

Marriage vs live in relationship

It is a by and large acknowledged view that wedded couples are unmistakably more dedicated to one another than couples living together before marriage. ... Yet there is no authoritative report marked however simply like in a marriage, in a live-in relationship as well, two individuals meet up in light of the fact that they feel an inseparable tie

  1. More and more couples are liking the concept of a live-in relationship.
  2. It will still take time to authorize live-in recharge for society.
  3. The differences between bus-relations and marriage are almost unclear.

Rules of commitment:

It is a generally accepted view that married couples are more committed to each other than married couples before marriage. However, this is highly controversial. Live-in relation is based on the basic principles of commitment. Although no valid documents are signed, like marriage, with live-in relationships, the two come together because they think of an inappropriate tie.

Financial arrangements:

Live-in relationships ensure immense financial independence for both parties involved. In marriage, however, it is generally accepted that married couples share their income and enter into joint financial ventures. However, these rules are not engraved in stone. Even today and at the same time, married couples keep their financial matters separate, and many couples decide to share their personal income.

The attitude of society:

In spite of the fact that some couples who have been nominated for this relationship, society still has restrictions on such relationships. Most morality shows a live-in relationship as a weakness and more important heritage. In spite of the dangerous growth between divorce and relationship problems, marriage is still the most respected of others. Therefore, the primary difference between marriage and marriage is the social stamp of approval of marriage and live-in relationships have yet to be accepted.

I find a blanket statement which is very difficult to find about it. Really no one size fits all solution for this sort of thing. It depends on the choice of each person. To me personally, the relationship with the relationship is good - I do not believe in marriage as an institution. The reason for my opinion is as follows:

Pointless formalization:

Marriage is the formalization of a relationship with the eyes of the law. If I really love someone and obey formalities or not, then this will not happen because of the quality of the relationship. My formalization, therefore, is a redundancy.

Easy of break up:

It is much easier to stop a live-in relationship than marriage. If divorce breaks, divorce or boycott can be done, both parties are so tired, they make both sides a mess. In a broken case, the team just walk away. In addition, for divorce or cancellation, should be satisfied by the specific legal grounds, due to lack of satisfaction for any reason, divorce canceled the leave. This is not limited to fault-based divorces, even in case of an error / mutual divorce. There is no preview of life in the relationship; Even an annoyance with each other is a valid argument to start the breakup. Although marriage supporter criticizes this view in a relationship, such as relationships are unstable in life, supporters of life, such as being considered independent of themselves.

No redistribution of assets post-breakup:

There is no re-establishment of money and property (of course, it can be used for marriage by using traditional contracts, but it is an extra effort - and it begins to carry on a note that it can possibly end; Marriage often lives in a long life, relationships when such entailment There.)

Financial autonomy:

There is a tendency to jointly share income and share their wealth jointly - although this is not a prerequisite, even not a complete ideology. Couples are going later, meaning that they share their money fully or partly with most of the money and prefer to partially separate. In relation, almost always, partners choose to maintain their finances individually. This does not mean that partners will not spend each other's money, only by collecting their income and investing separately.

The "stability" logic response raised by pro-marriage parties:

Statistics show that marriages are more "stable" than relationships, more than living in their long-term relationships. Because the habitat is less stable or more volatile in relationships, because many people live in relationships like trial periods, or for relationships that are not willing to work on a long-term basis, but those who want to cooperate with it are the current. Marriage enters serious nonsense than a relationship. It will logically follow that there are two couples, one in the marriage and a live-in relationship between the other, where the love between partners and their correspondence will be the same, the stability will remain the same unless the next couple is married to the institution of marriage. Marriage does not actually give stability loans, because it is due to subconscious elements that believe it due to social impact. Also, the disadvantages associated with divorce and divorces among some cultures is a dissuading factor of scandal w.r.t. Divorce, therefore, tend to continue despite the difference between the married couple. Therefore, relationships other than long-term should be used as jewelry for measuring the reliability of stability, both in marriage and in relationships should score in the same range.

Marriage vs live in relationship

Pros of marriage

1 Legal benefits.
2 Take society and give you more respect. (Different from different cultures)
3 A child born in a marriage is more acceptable by society (a very stupid thing but yes it is a facility acceptable by society rather than isolated)

Cons of marriage

1 Hard to get out of a wedding. (Divorce is still seen as a ban)
2 Society can blame you for having children for marriage (not always but it will happen)
3 More responsibilities (some people as responsible for it may be a benefit.)
4 Parents intervene more in your life.

Marriage vs live in relationship

Pros of Live-in relationship

1 You can leave the relationship more easily (break).
2 Your partner is with you because he/she does not want because it is difficult due to divorce or social stigma.
3 Less interference from parents
4 Less stress by society to be a parent

Cons of Live-in relationship

1 Social stigma.
2 Children born in wedlock can face anger in society.
3 Less legal advantages.

 So what is your opinion?

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