How can I get rid of my shyness and approach women?

How can I get rid of my shyness and approach women?

How can I get rid of my shyness and approach women

"I just stood in front of me and saw the most ideal girl standing on the right side, and I was stupid. I stayed on looking at her for a few minutes and said what I would say."
If you find the courage to speak and feel confident in women, it can be a struggle. Straight forward to get rid of shyness, but it takes time.

Many people will become chicken because they are afraid, or do not want to disturb the women they love.

The good news here; Do you want to contact women?

I can not talk about how many women I've talked to, who are not being contacted. That's huge. Many women are open to it, but due to social anxiety, we can lose the opportunity to talk to them.
"I do not smile but get so much response, so I do not want to catch them because I think I'll disturb them. I feel helpless and think that I missed my chance in life to fall in love."

Here are the basic steps to get rid of shyness to approach women:

Eye contact drill:

You're going to need to develop your eye communication skills to get rid of shame. Not only that, eye contact is important for women's attraction. When you go outside, instead of looking at the ground instead look at the eyes of the people. You can do it with both men and women.

Be around people:

The shy guys distinguish themselves a lot. Instead of sitting at home or in the office, go to social places like cafes to do your work.

Say “Hi”:

You can add this to the eye contact drill. Say "Good morning" as you pass people in the morning. Talking to these strangers would be normal.


Make the comments normal so you get used to starting the conversation. It can be as simple as the weather, a piece of jewelry, or complimentary comments on a beautiful suit. A light change, a cafe line up, or wait while shopping.

Go to a pub…by yourself:

This looks awkward as FU ** but will help get rid of shame. If someone asks why you are alone, just say you're feeling social. Chat rooms with waitress, bartender, and standing nearby. If you're really shy you might start being used to go alone. It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you go with friends you will not chat with strangers. Keep the safety net so that you can get social Start the conversation by commenting.

Indirect approach:

It's the same as the comment, but in this case, you'll be able to get the date. In a cafe, you can comment on the book you are reading or what you see. "I do not know people still reading paper books." If he is interested he will respond and talk about his book. Then turn off the conversation by asking a coffee (another day) about him.

Train your mindset:

This will take some time but will stop for life. Get the mentality books, focus on the results you want, enter your goals. Already you will want to change your mind to connect with people doing what you want. If you want to contact women, connect with others who already do this. Alternatively, get professional help.

Public speaking:

If there was anything to find shame, then the public would be talked about. Talk to the public about women, but one is the one. Take public speaking training to work through your concerns in a supportive environment. You will learn valuable spoken skills which face to face to face.

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